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Air Conditioning Parts & Radiators

Global is our secondary line of A/C products now.
Our primary line is Four Seasons, the largest aftermarket supplier of air conditioning parts in the industry.

We still only offer NEW A/C compressors.  The newer design of compressors are all aluminum.  The rebuilding process must include removing some of the original casting, which increases the possibility of overheating due to the lack of metal for heat dissipation.

Four Seasons offers a tremendous opportunity for us, while we value our relationship with Global.  We think you'll be happy with the results.

We have also changed our primary supplier of radiators and air conditioning condensers to Four Seasons.  

Four Seasons offers labor reimbursement for proper installation of units that fail.  This is not a big problem for us, but it does happen.  It's not a good thing to do the job over again for nothing.  We recommend professional installation, and we also require the replacement of the condenser IF it's a parallel flow condenser.  These condensers cannot be flushed. Virtually ALL of our problems with a/c units failing have been caused by the lack of replacement of these types of condensers.  If you need more information about what type of condenser your car has, just call.  We're here, and we answer the phone.  We don't ask you to listen to ads about how great we are, we simply answer the phone when it rings.

Recently we have been told that one of our competitors, a franchise radiator company, has been passing coupons and offering free product with the sale of a compressor. Yes, this competitor has access to Global, but please ASK what they plan to send you from their out of state location. This franchise has over six different suppliers of A/C product, much of it inferior to our product. We also challenge the pricing. We believe that even with the coupon, we have them within a few dollars of our product. If you would like to have some candy sent with your order, we have some available. Just ask. Thanks again for your business.
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