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our policies

We have a very liberal exchange program for any alleged defective product.  Our starters and alternators have an unconditional two year warranty, and a LIMITED lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects for the original purchaser.  It is up to the customer to provide us with documentation as to when the product was purchased.  We do have some capability of searching for the original sale, and will make every effort to find the original invoice, but without dates or part numbers it is at the very least, a very difficult task.

Many of our competitors will simply state "lifetime warranty", but the fine print will tell the real story.  I'd rather be upfront with our policies-

ALL other products that we provide are also covered by the same LIMITED lifetime warranty against MANUFACTURER'S DEFECTS.  In other words, our radiators are covered, but for example, if a radiator is damaged in any way, we cannot expect our manufacturer to replace that unit.  We must maintain a solid relationship with our manufacturers, and in order to do so, we can't send back damaged units for credit.
ALL of our products will be replaced if defective, but we cannot allow our customers to use products to diagnose a problem, and send the product back for credit.  We certainly will replace any product with no questions asked within the terms stated above, but we cannot issue credit for installed product.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with new, unused product.  If we were to allow our customers to use our parts to diagnose a problem, we couldn't provide the quality that we wish to provide our customers with.  If you're unsure of the problem, we recommend that you test the suspect part before installation of the new.  We can test modules, and most shops have the capability of testing most any other product before replacement.  Please bear in mind that we WILL replace any alleged defective unit without any question within the terms stated above.  But we cannot issue credit.

One problem that we have encountered in the past, for example, would be that a technician will replace the alternator on a vehicle without first charging the battery.  The new technology is meant to maintain a charge, not to charge the battery.  Many times an alternator will fail prematurely due to that fact.
Please remember that we are your business partner, and we will make every effort to help YOU make money.  Please also remember that we must be profitable ourselves in order to do so.  ALL of our manufacturer's have technical assistance hotlines that we will be pleased to provide you with when you need them.

Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for your business.

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